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Erick Paredes 

Dj - Producer

Producer/DJ Erick Paredes is no stranger to the world of music and sound. His style is eclectic and diverse by nature and his works range in wide spectrum of formats of sonic expression. Erick started producing and releasing his first 12” records for Miami independent house music labels in the mid 90’s. Since that time Erick has held many residencies at the most influential venues in Miami contributing and pioneering the alternative sound we now associate with that area. He is a repeat resident DJ at Rio De Janeiro’s highly acclaimed new years eve “Reveillon” celebrations 4 years in a row. One of the few American/Canadian dj’s to repeatedly be invited to play in Cuba as part of a cultural exchange program since 2002. These are but some of the distinctions that make his experience unique.

Just to get an idea of his musical track record, style and range; Erick can be and has been found opening for Jazz elites such as Medeski, Martin and Wood (JVC Jazz Festival). Just as easily, you may find Erick playing the Televised Brazilian Film Awards along side the likes of Brazilian mega stars like Seu Jorge or let’s say playing an opening set for African music legends such as Femi Kuti (Rhythm Foundation). The organic soulful side is but one side of the story. On the flip side, Erick has had the honor of spinning at premier electronic music venues such as Cielo NYC (Deep Space) with the legendary Francois Kevorkian or holding one of the longest residencies at Bardot (Miami) partnering up with none other than King Britt. It’s safe to say that he is as comfortable playing organic as well as electronic/house formats. Making him very experienced in a wide range of sound stages. The tread that unites his diverse style is driven by soul, integrity and a deep love for the music.

Recently, some of Erick’s earliest work has been re-released on the highly influential and ground breaking compilation series “Fabric London” as part of a compilation by Berlin based DJ Prosumer (Prosumer 79). A truly special feat in celebration of his earliest works. He has been remixing various projects for major and independent labels and also putting the finishing touches on his all live album for his band “Agape Featuring Nadia Harris” set for release later this year in preparation for a live tour. The Video “Row” directed by Erick recently won “Best Music Video” at the ImmagineNative Film Festival 2013 TIFF Toronto. This video is part of a series of videos set to be released with the upcoming Agape Album. In 2019 The Afro-Latin American Research Institute at the University Of Harvard cataloged and released a double vinyl LP “Havana Hip-Hop Volumen 2” by Pablo Herrera where Erick participated as recording engineer with additional production originally recorded in 2002. The album is now archived as reference of cultural importance as it features many important groups of that time period. November 6th 2021 marks the preview music video release of “Who do you love?” by “Erick Paredes & Friends”. This is a collaboration project headed by Erick and an all- star cast of musicians and friends. This project is focused on disco, funk, soul and house as well as integrates strong Latin and Afro Brazilian elements. Creating a sound that is soulful and you could say very natural to his influences. A new original modern ‘Miami” flavor. For Erick this marks a return to producing dance music as Erick’s first releases in the 90’s where dance music based. The live aspect and format of this show as well as the recordings have a strong focus on live

musicianship and elements. The live concept is to integrate a live band into the DJ and dance music world seamlessly. This effectively brings together Erick’s experience working with live musicians from around the world and his experience as and sensitivities as a professional dj.

Safe to say that if you find yourself listening to Erick, you will be entering and joining with him in a very special continuous journey that integrates unique and exclusive mixes, remixes and edits that are made by him specifically for the occasion with the full intent of creating those special moments we come to remember long after.

As mentioned, Erick is an expert at integrating live musicians as part of this sets as he draws from his extensive musical production experience as well as his film and theater background. He was one of the firsts djs to innovate this trend in the early 2000’s with his long held residency (5 years) at the landmark Delano Hotel with his highly acclaimed event “Live at the Delano” where Erick incorporated a 5 to 10 piece jazz/funk band to improvise with him on a weekly basis. He has also integrated a full 30 piece symphonic orchestra into his live sets (Friends of The New World Symphony Event) with members of Miami’s New World Symphony. As well as integrated a 40 piece female Brazilian choir (Brazilian Voices) to much acclaim.

Expect the unexpected as Dub, Funk, Soul, Latin, Brazilian, Afro, Rare Grooves , Nu Jazz, House, Deep House, Disco, Nu-Disco, Techno and various forms of organic or electronic soulful music come together on the one’s and two’s.




Some notable residencies:

Soho Beach House Miami (Resident)
Faena Miami (Resident)
Surf Club @ The Four Seasons Surfside (Resident) Delano Hotel Miami (Resident)
The Setai (Resident)
Bardot Club Miami (Resident)
Ralley Hotel Miami(Resident)
The Standard Miami (Resident)
Moxy, Miami (Resident)
Cielo NYC/Deep Space (Guest DJ x2)
Copa Cabana Palace, Rio De Janeiro (Guest DJ) Dante’s Hi Fi, Miami (Guest DJ, All vinyl DJ Set)

And many more...

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